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Recruitment Announcement

ACLEDA INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS (AIB) is one of ACLEDA Bank Plc.'s subsidiary companies. It is officially recognized by the Royal Government of Cambodia as a private higher education institution on January 25, 2016. We provide Master/Bachelor/Associate degree program majoring specifically in Finance and Banking. We are currently looking for qualified candidates to fulfill the vacancy positions as Part-Time Lecturers and Full-Time Lecturers for these programs as follows:

Job Title: Lecturers for Associate and Bachelor Degree Programs

  • Part-Time
    • General English (01 position)
    • Financial Management (01 position)
    • Mathematics for Banking and Finance (01 position)
    • Financial Accounting (03 Positions)
    • Principles of Economics (05 positions)
    • Khmer Culture (03 positions)
    • Critical Thinking (03 positions)
  • Full-Time
    • Mathematics for Banking and Finance (01 position)
    • Business English II (04 positions)

Location: Based in Phnom Penh

1. Teaching Duties and Responsibilities

  • A. Before Teaching
    • Do research regularly to extend knowledge and master skills
    • Be well prepared for class
    • Prepare course syllabus or lesson plan and submit to authority
    • Develop student learning assessment
    • Do research to find out the real learning need
    • Determine duration for each lesson/ topic to appropriately have sufficient time to carry out each teaching methodology
    • Prepare lessons or other relevant documents for students
  • B. During Teaching
    • Be punctual at all time of teaching
    • Explain and distribute course syllabus to students
    • Teach students in accordance with schedule, course syllabus, curriculum, policies, and procedures of AIB
    • Manage classroom properly
    • Conduct and/or cooperate with other staff of the AIB to conduct student-learning assessment
    • Use effective teaching methodology
    • Check and maintain accurate student attendance records and grade
    • Create good learning atmosphere
    • Encourage students to participate actively in their learning
    • Observe the students' participation
    • Evaluate/check students' understanding
    • Maintain discipline and order in classroom
  • C. After Teaching
    • Evaluate and sum up the results of the teaching and learning
    • Make reports or cooperate with others to make the reports
    • Build capacity and master skills
    • Follow up with students' progress
    • Report the progress of students who fall behind their study to Head of DBA

2. Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend meetings and events invited by the institute
  • Be acknowledgeable about and abide by the institute's instructions, policies, and procedures
  • Be responsible for solving every issue occurred within duty, in case the issue cannot be solved, must report to the direct manager
  • Research, advise, and consult students for research
  • Participate in social and educational events assigned by AIB
  • Perform other tasks assigned by AIB

Job Requirements

  • At least Bachelor Degree in relevant field or equivalent
  • At least 1-year experience in teaching and/or working
  • Fluent in speaking, reading, writing and listening English
  • Ability to adapt and follow AIB and Cambodian culture
  • Computer literacy
  • Good interpersonal skill

How to Apply

Interested candidates are requested to complete this application form and submit CV and cover letter to:

Address: #50, Corner of Street 516 and 335, Phum 6, Sangkat BeungKak I, Khan TuolKork, Phnom Penh.
Tel: +855(0) 23 999 944 / 881 790

Please enclose with the following documents:

  • Copy of passport (Foreigner),
  • Copy of passport or national ID card or resident book or family book or original copy of birth certificate (Cambodian),
  • Copy of certificates requirement,
  • Letter of recommendation (optional).

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview. The application deadline is March 9, 2017.

Any comment or inquiry?
+855 (0)23 994 444
+855 (0)15 999 233

For complaint purpose
(every working day from 7:30 to 16:30)
Tel: +855 (0)15 888 654

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