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Personal Loan

With an ACLEDA Bank Plc's Personal / Retail Loan, you’ll get the most out of life!

When you love life and simply want to live it up, ACLEDA Bank Plc has just the solution for you to get down on it. You get up to USD50,000+ for the things that add more zest to your life — the stylish hi-fi set you’ve been eyeing for months, or the sofa you simply must have. Anything your heart desires.

Currency Type, Loan Size, and Loan Period

  • Currency type in KHR, THB, and USD;
  • Loan period up to
    • 18 months for loan size up to USD3,500 or equivalent
    • 36 months for loan size greater than USD3,500 to USD5,000 or equivalent
    • 48 months for loan size greater than USD5,000 to less than USD10,000 or equivalent
    • 60 months for loan size from USD10,000 to USD30,000 or equivalent
    • 72 months for loan size greater than USD30,000 or equivalent

Interest Rate

Interest rate is calculated on the utilized debit balance only.


  • Be a Majority;
  • Have own residential address and collateral;
  • Currently employed or self-employed to ensure regular payment;
  • Have any collateral for assuring the lending money and/or have an assurer;
  • Have own 10% to 20% cash of total price of things you need to buy;
  • Our staff will help you to fill in a loan application form which is available for free at any offices of ACLEDA Bank Plc.


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