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Questions & Answers for Financial Lease

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  1. What is Financial Lease?
    Financial Lease is offered to corporate customers to own and use assets such as vehicle, machinery, or other equipment (except land or houses) to expand their business for long-term financing periods without investing their own capital. You can purchase the identified asset and become its legal owner and pay monthly fees to the bank or pay at an agreed period of time.
  2. In what currencies does ACLEDA Bank offer?
    ACLEDA Bank offers in Khmer Riel and US Dollar.
  3. How long does ACLEDA Bank offer for Financial Lease?
    The minimum of lease period is 12 months and the maximum is up to the useful life of the lease asset. The useful life of the asset is set by ACLEDA Bank.
  4. What are the benefits of Financial Lease?
    The benefits of Financial Lease are:
    • No land, house and building required to put up as collateral
    • Obtain ownership and full rights to use of the assets
    • Obtain ownership of the asset at the end of the contract
    • Get the requirement assets for your business operations without using your own financial resources or capital
    • Transform gross expend into paying back to the bank monthly
    • Increase your income and expand your business operations
  5. What type of assets for lease?
    • Brand-new assets with legal tax-paid and standards quality with warranty and maintenance service.
    • Second-hand assets are offered as required according to the actual quality.
  6. What is the lease size?
    • The lease size is up to US$250,000 per unit
    • The maximum amount of Financial Lease per customer or company is US$500,000
  7. How to pay back to the bank?
    • Customers can pay back the rental fee to ACLEDA Bank in accordance with the agreement.
    • Rescheduling of the repayment by reducing rental period or remain the same period would be allowed to customers who pay back every time exceeded the limit amount in the schedule.
    • Customers can pay off the rental fee to receive the assets before the maturity date, but they have to pay 1% (early pay off fee) of the remaining balance.
  8. Is it possible for rescheduling the repayment?
    Yes, it is. But you cannot delay the repayment schedule.
  9. What are the required documents?
    You have to provide the required documents below:
    • The last year of financial reports (if available)
    • Photos of your business operations
    • A Family Book, a Residence Book, an ID card or other valid documents
    • Legal documents such as a Patent, a Certificate of Business Registration, a Memorandum and Articles of Association, a Logo, a Certificate of Product Registration, etc.
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