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Questions & Answers for Funds Transfers

Here in, we are happy to represent you answers to almost all of the significantly relevant questions our customers frequently asked.

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Local Funds Transfers

  1. Can I transfer money via ACLEDA Bank if I don't have an account?
    Of course, you can; just have an ID card or other valid documents.
  2. Can I transfer money from Phnom Penh to any other province?
    Of course, you can.
  3. If I have an account with ACLEDA Bank, Can I transfer money to other bank?
    Yes, you can.

International Funds Transfers

  1. Can I transfer money abroad via ACLEDA Bank?
    Yes, you can transfer in two ways:
    • Western Union
      • To send money: you have to go to the nearest ACLEDA Bank's office and fill out the transfer form. When you have completed your sending, contact to receiver to collect the money from Western Union and inform to recipient of the amount of money, name of sender, country, and MTN 10 digits.
      • To receive money: you come to any nearest ACLEDA Bank office, fill out the form "To Receive Money" and provide your proof of identification.
    • SWIFT
      • To send money (Out-ward): for sending money abroad, you just open an account with ACLEDA Bank and you must know the bank's name of receiver, account number, account name, and country.
      • To receive money (In-ward): for receiving money sent from abroad, you just open an account with ACLEDA Bank and you will get a Remittance Instruction to send to sender as a reference to send money.
  2. If the money transfer to or from abroad cannot be succeeded, will it return to sender?
    Yes, it will return to sender.
  3. How can I know the money already transferred from abroad?
    Contact this number: +855­ (0)23 994 444 / +855­ (0)15 999 233 or E-mail:

International Funds Transfers via Payone

  1. What is International Funds Transfers via Payone?
    International Funds Transfers via Payone allows Cambodian workers who work in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) can transfer their funds from Hana Bank in the Republic of Korea to their families in Cambodia through ACLEDA Bank with lower cost, safety, fast service and convenience.
  2. How can I, Cambodian worker who works in the Republic of Korea, use this service?
    You can use this service by having an account with Hana Bank in the Republic of Korea and using Pay Easy Card.
  3. How can beneficiary receive money from the Republic of Korea via Payone?
    Beneficiary should have an account with ACLEDA Bank to receive money transferred from the Republic of Korea.
  4. What are the benefits of this service?
    The benefits for Cambodian workers who work in the Republic of Korea are:
    • Be easy to transfer your funds with lower cost
    • Provide information in Khmer language at Payone Company, if you have any inquiries about bank's or funds transfer's services
    • Can use Hana Bank's ATMs in Khmer language

Note: ACLEDA Bank may change its services' price without prior notice. For our services requirements and more information, please contact our Call Center.

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