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Questions & Answers for Trade Finance

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  1. What is a Trade Finance?
    Trade Finance is a service which is developed to respond and support to the financial scheme of the growth of local and international businesses especially import/export traders to access financing and loan sufficiently and to ensure secure settlements.
  2. What kind Trade Finance services ACLEDA Bank is offering?
    ACLEDA Bank's Trade Finance has:
    • Local and International Bank Guarantee
      • Issuing the local and international Bank Guarantee
      • Cancellation of Banker Letter of Guarantee
      • Providing credit line to support a Bank Guarantee issuing
      • Claim under default subject.
    • Import Documentary Collection
      • Delivering document for payment or acceptance
      • Payment for collected goods to local or international seller
      • Financing to importer who is short of fund for settlement.
    • Export Documentary Collection
      • Preparing seller's outward bill for sending to buyer via buyer's bank to request for settlement.
      • Pre-financing on outward bill to prove the ordered goods is on-board.
      • Providing validity of exporter's account upon receiving a confirmation of credit from principle correspondent bank.
    • Import Documentary or Letter of Credit (L/C)
      • Issuing Letter of Credit
      • Amendment to Letter of Credit
      • Reimbursement Letter of Credit
      • Cancellation of Letter of Credit
      • Providing credit line to support Letter of Credit issuing
      • Providing financing for importer who is short of fund for settlement.
    • Export Documentary or Letter of Credit (L/C)
      • Advising the Letter of Credit
      • Advising the amendment to Letter of Credit
      • Advising due date of Letter of Credit
      • Pre-shipping financing or packing credit to exporter
      • Pre-financing to seller upon agreement, assume that the goods is on-board and comply to all the condition of L/C
      • Pre-financing based on relevant documents proving that goods is on-board or based on confirmed letter on date of settlement with bill discount.
  3. What are Trade Finance's special features?
    Trade Finance is a secure settlement and preferred financing than any other types of financings or loans. The main special feature for this service is that the bank shares the responsibility in almost every transaction in trade finance.

  4. What is a Letter of Credit?
    Documentary/Letter of Credit is a contract that is issued by bank represent the applicant's account or bank's account to pay the beneficiary the face value of the bill agreed in the Letter of Credit's terms and conditions.
  5. What are customer's requirements to receive Letter of Credit from ACLEDA Bank?
    • Being a registered company
    • Having an account with ACLEDA Bank
    • Choosing a deposit condition to receive Letter of Credit.
  6. What are the options for customer to receive Letter of Credit?
    • Transferring account provision
    • Applying for credit line
    • Transferring account provision and applying for credit line
    • Restricting account margin
    • Clean limit and complementary trust receipts

    Parties to a Letter of Credit

  7. How many settlements of Letter of Credit?
    • Sight payment: payout to seller immediately if the bank understands that the documents are accurate to Letter of Credit's condition.
    • Deferred payment: payout after a specific number of days counted from the date of transportation document.
    • Payment against acceptance D/A: payout after a specific number of days receiving document from issuing bank. This allow customer to choose whether to wait for the payment date in the future or receiving discount rate from the Draft or Bill of Exchange.
    • Negotiation: Draft or Bill of Exchange, withdrawal from issuing bank or confirming bank.
  8. What is a Bank Guarantee? Who involves in a Bank Guarantee?
    Bank Guarantee or Letter of Guarantee is an obligation to support and guarantee benefit to beneficiary or project owner that is guaranteed by issuing bank to pay for specific amount in case the applicant breaks or violates the contract etc.

    Parties to a Letter of Guarantee

  9. What is customer's requirement to use Bank Guarantee?
    • Being a registered company
    • Having an account with ACLEDA Bank
    • Choosing a deposit condition to receive Bank Guarantee.
  10. What are the different types of Bank Guarantee?
    • Bid Guarantee
    • Performance Guarantee
    • Advance Payment Guarantee
    • Payment Guarantee
    • Retention Guarantee
  11. What are Bank Guarantee's benefits to customer and society?
    • For customer:
      • Convincing and good relationship between business partner
      • Being high secure for business
      • Creating a convenient environment for dealing with contract
      • Ability to expand market locally as well as internationally
      • Cutting down the risk of business
      • Increasing productivity and competitive advantage
      • Increasing income
      • Increasing shareholder or stakeholder's value
      • Being a better-known organisation
      • Joining the national economic development.
    • For society:
      • Cutting down eventual conflicts or lawsuits in business
      • Increasing the understanding using bank services to customer and public
      • Encouraging sustainable investments
      • Generating more jobs
      • Increasing national income in all related sectors
      • Proving the international community that the local finance and banking management systems grow stronger
      • Proving the international community that Cambodia has a secure and strong sustainable economy
      • Encouraging higher increase in international business relationship
      • Promoting economic growth.
  12. What are customer's options to use Trade Finance?
    • Cash deposit
    • Collateral

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