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Information Highlights

ACLEDA Bank Plc. has significantly achieved a great result within 17 years as showing in the graphs below:

The graph showed that in 2001 the customer's deposit of the whole banking sector was US$416 million of which US$2 million was captured by ACLEDA Bank Plc. As the end of December 2017 ACLEDA Bank Deposit significantly increased by 17.59% to US$3,037 million amongst the total deposit of banking sector was US$17,261 million.

The figure illustrated that the market share of ACLEDA Bank deposit has increased from 0.5% to 17.59% within 17 years.

The graph indicated that in 2001 the total loan outstanding of banking sector was US$242 million of which US$21 million equal to 8.6% held by ACLEDA Bank Plc. Amid the development of the national economy in Cambodia resulted in the rapid growth of credits every year, as of end December 2017, total loan outstanding of banking sector was US$16,443 million while ACLEDA Bank Loan Outstanding was US$3,036 million equal to 18%.

In addition, the market share of ACLEDA Bank Loan Outstanding noticeably grew from 8.6% to 18% within 17 years.

According to the 2017 Annual Report of General Directorate of Banking Supervision of National Bank of Cambodia it showed that the total asset of banking sector was US$751 million in 2001 and grew sharply to US$28,630 million as of December 2017 which increased by 38 times within 17 years (2001-2017) while ACLEDA Bank has increased 192 times compared to the same period.

The figure also indicated that ACLEDA Bank Asset has increased about 5 times larger than the overall increase of the whole banking sector.

Reference: 2017 Annual Report of General Directorate of Banking Supervision of National Bank of Cambodia.

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