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ACLEDA Bank Plc.

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Financial Information

This page highlights the ACLEDA Bank Plc.'s financial information of the previous years. It contains enough information to give you an idea about how we performed within the previous years and trends for the future.

In the interest of fiscal transparency, we are pleased to publish our consolidated tax paid report from the year...

To declare that our financial statements comply with applicable International Financial Standard and give a true and fair view of the bank's financial position and its performance, we have appointed external auditors to conduct auditing of our bank's statements.

Some figures about Cambodia's general economic of the past years and forecasts for the next year.

Some factors that figure out the Cambodia's Key Economic of the previous year and the economic trends for the coming year in Cambodia.

This is the ACLEDA Bank's performances of the previous year and the prospects and strategic imperatives for this year.

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