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ACLEDA Unity ToanChet Enabled Visa Scan to Pay

December 20, 2018

ACLEDA Bank has partnered with Visa, the world's leader in digital payment, to provide more payment option to customers who are using ACLEDA Unity ToanChet by scanning the QR code to pay with Visa.

This payment option provides a faster and more convenient cashless payment experience for ACLEDA Bank Plc.'s customers. They can use ACLEDA Unity ToanChet to make QR payments at merchants by using their mobile phone to "Scan to Pay" with Visa.

This new innovation will provide tremendous benefit and a better experience to our customers and public as a whole. It also supports our customers' growth with cost efficiency and risk mitigation, bringing Cambodia's payment landscape into the digital era.

QR payments will allow ACLEDA VISA's cardholders to use their mobile phones to make cashless purchases and pay bills wherever Visa QR payments are accepted in Cambodia or abroad. For merchants, accepting QR payments means they can access a low cost alternative to accepting electronic payments using a QR code and their mobile phone.

To use this Visa scan to pay, you have to download/update ACLEDA Unity ToanChet and then link with your ACLEDA VISA Card. Please see the user manual below:

I. If your bank account is already linked with ACLEDA Unity ToanChet

1. Open ACLEDA Unity ToanChet application

2. Enter PIN

3. Choose menu "Visa Scan to pay"

If you don't see this menu, please go to App Store (iPhone/iOS) or Play Store (Android) to update ACLEDA Unity ToanChet application.

4. Select VISA cards to link and then choose ✓

5. Success. Choose button "OK"

II. If your bank account is not linked with ACLEDA Unity ToanChet

1. Please follow step I.1 and I.2 above. Then choose ☰

2. Select "Link or Delink Bank Account"

3. Enter your bank account number and date of birth (bank account in KHR and/or USD and it is an individual account or joint account* which is Current Account, Savings Account, Demand Account, or Payroll Account can be linked with ACLEDA Unity ToanChet)

4. Choose button ✓

5. Enter OTP that will be sent to your mobile phone number which you have registered with the Bank

6. Choose button ✓ (Note: mobile phone number registered for ACLEDA Unity ToanChet and used with bank account is the same number)

7. You can link other accounts in the same CIF. Choose button ✓

8. Success. Please follow step I.3 to I.5 to enable this payment

III. How to make payment with "Visa scan to pay"

1. Please follow step I.1 and I.2 above. Then choose "Visa Scan to pay" menu

2. Choose "Scan to Pay" button

3. Scan Visa's QR code to make payment

4. Select your VISA card and enter payment amount. Then choose "Pay" button

5. Verify your transaction and then choose "Scan and Pay" button

6. Success

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