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Transfer to Wing Account via ACLEDA ToanChet

January 15, 2020

Now you can transfer your funds (from ACLEDA Bank's account or ToanChet's account) to Wing's account via ACLEDA ToanChet conveniently.

You can transfer in either Khmer Riel or US Dollar. The system will automatically convert your account's currency if it is different from the beneficiary account.

How to make funds transfer from bank account or ToanChet account to Wing account via ACLEDA ToanChet.

  1. Log in to ACLEDA ToanChet
  2. Choose "Transfer" menu
  3. Select "To PSP (PSI)"
  4. Select partner (Wing)
  5. Input transfer's information
    • Select "From Account"
    • Input beneficiary account number (Wing's account)
    • Input transfer amount
    • Select purpose
  6. Choose "OK" button
  7. Verify your transfer details (account number, beneficiary account, transfer amount, etc.)
  8. Choose "OK"
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