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Share Bill Function via ACLEDA ToanChet

June 02, 2020

Share bill is one of new features in ACLEDA ToanChet that makes the easy way for customers to pay their bill together in a single invoice.

Payments are made in Khmer Riel and US Dollar. In the case of payment in a different account's currency, the system will automatically exchange using the bank's exchange rate at the time of payment.

Up to 100 members can pay per bill, with free of charge and unlimited daily transactions. To make this share bill payment, all members have to register ACLEDA ToanChet and have enough account balance to make a successful payment.

Please see how to use this share bill function below:

  • How to request payment
    • Open "ACLEDA ToanChet" in your phone
    • Choose "Share Bill" menu
    • Use Touch ID or Facial to login
    • Choose "Create New Share Bill"
    • Enter information
      • Input total amount in the bill
      • Input number of participant
      • Select billing date
      • Input description and take a photo of your bill
      • In case of select "Equal Payment", the system will automatically calculate the payment amount. Otherwise, you have to input amount
      • Input participant phone numbers
    • Choose "OK" button
    • Review your information and then choose "Request Payment" button
  • How to pay the share bill
    • Open "ACLEDA ToanChet" in your phone
    • Choose "Share Bill" menu
    • Use Touch ID or Facial to login
    • Choose "View Share Bill"
    • Select "From Requesters" and choose "Pending"
    • Select "Pay Now" button
    • Select account number to be paid and then choose "OK" button
    • Verify your information and then choose "Confirm" button
    • Share bill paid successfully
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