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ACLEDA Bank Plc.

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Our Logo

អត្ថន័យ​នៃ​ពាក្យ អេស៊ីលីដា
=អភិសមាចារ អភិវឌ្ឍន៍ អច្ឆរិយ
=សុខភាព សមត្ថភាព សីលធម៌
=លឿន​ទាន់ចិត្ត លទ្ធផលល្អ លើសលប់
=ដឹងយល់ ដុះដាល ដល់គោលដៅ
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Evolution of ACLEDA's Logo

Dec 01, 2003 - Feb 17, 2017
Oct 06, 2000 - Nov 30, 2003
Feb 19, 1995 - Oct 05, 2000
Jan 19, 1993 - Feb 18, 1995


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