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Bulk/Package Payment Service 

Bulk/Package Payment Service allows you to transfer your funds to many accounts/beneficiaries at the same time through ACLEDA Bank's branches.


  • Make a bulk/package payment to a group of receiver (many accounts/beneficiaries) at the same time.
  • Save your expenses and time on making settlements to beneficiaries.
  • Be convenient and secure.


ACLEDA Bank offers this service in other currencies that available in the Bank's system. If you make payment in different currency, the Bank will automatically convert it bases on the exchange rate of ACLEDA Bank.


  • You can make payments at least to five beneficiaries, otherwise your transactions are considered as normal fund transfer service.
  • Your payments can be made by cash or debited from your bank accounts.

How to make a bulk/package payment

  • Please come to ACLEDA Bank's branch to request a bulk/package payment service.
  • Fill a data source for Bulk/Package Payment Service in Ms. Excel (contact ACLEDA Bank to receive the data source table and form or download from here) to process payments to beneficiaries.
  • Provide your data source and form for making payment or transfer from your account (having sufficient account balance):
    • Hard Copy: authorized by corporate owner (if the data source table has many pages, you have to give short sign or stamp on every pages).
    • Soft Copy: send to ACLEDA Bank by e-mail or copy to CD/USB drive or other efficiency ways.

Note: Please contact our nearest branch or our Call Center for our services requirements and more information.

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