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Revolving Credit Line 

Revolving Credit Line is a type of Credit Service, where the borrower can withdrawal up to credit limit and the term specified in the Credit Line agreement. Our customers may opt to repay at the end of loan period. Revolving Credit Line is a short term loan provided to those customers with collateral.

Loan Period, Loan Size, and Interest Rate

  • KHR
    • Loan period up to 24 months
    • Loan size from KHR 40,000,000
    • Interest rate from 10.75% to 18% per year
  • USD
    • Loan period up to 24 months
    • Loan size from USD 10,000
    • Interest rate from 9.75% to 18% per year
  • THB
    • Loan period up to 24 months
    • Loan size from THB 400,000
    • Interest rate from 12.12% to 18% per year


  • Be a majority;
  • Good background and character;
  • Have a potential business with good status and legal profitability;
  • Have own residential address;
  • Family book, identity card, title deed, stock-raw material deed, or other effective documents may be required;


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