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Student Loan 

Financing your children's higher education for their bright future should no longer be your concern...

Student Loan is offered parents or guardians who need cash to pay for study fee of their children to continue studying at institute (a minimum of 03 months study period) or university after high school graduated (Bac II) in country or abroad.

Type of Student Loan

There are two types of student loan:

  • Receiving money one time based on the receipt of the institute or university;
  • Receiving money many times based on the receipt of the institute or university in semester or year.


  • Fulfill a shortage of funds for studying period of your children or someone in your responsibility;
  • Transform gross expend into paying back to the bank monthly with low interest;
  • Be confident of future study of your children or someone in your responsibility.

Currency Type, Loan Size, Loan Period and Interest Rate

  • Currency type in US dollar.
  • Loan size up to US$100,000; but not over than a total of study fee (maximum loan size of US$2,500 for student customers who have stable employment in the private, public, national and international institutions or in projects and there is a need for further study).
  • Loan period is based on the total period of whole course plus a maximum of 12 months (for course period from 12 months).
  • Loan period is offered two times of whole course (for course period less than 12 months).
  • Interest rate from 8% to 18% per year.


  • Having a permanent address which is certified by local authority;
  • Ensuring to provide student confirmation letter from the institute or university and student transcript as required;
  • Having a proper work, salary, or sufficient income (students' parents or guardians);
  • Giving receipt or letter confirmation of school fee from the institute or university to the bank when receiving money;
  • Having any collateral for assuring the lending money.


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