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Corporate Deposit Account

We may need some holidays, of course! But our money do not need. It can earn more while we rest. The more you invest in your business portfolio, the more opportunities your money can make profit for you. Anyway, you may also need sometimes to study about your new business opportunity before the investment is made. As a result, you would be looking for a reliable place to keep those money before it become handy.

ACLEDA Bank proudly introduces Corporate Deposit to your corporate that we provide with attractive high interest rates even if you want to deposit for a short-term period only.

Special Features

  • Term (1, 3, 6, and 12 months);
  • Fixed interest for a specific term;
  • Withdrawal or deposit are made at the end of term;
  • Can continue the contract without endless;
  • Low withholding tax debit;
  • Deposit at least USD100,000; or KHR400,000,000; THB4,000,000; or EUR100,000. For VND; AUD; CAD; and JPY currencies are equivalent to account in USD and not more than 5% of total customers deposit amount at ACLEDA Bank Plc;
  • One customer can have many corporate deposits but not more than 20% of the total customers deposit amount at ACLEDA Bank Plc.

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