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Future Kid Account 

Now you can open your new account via your PC or mobile phone by simply online with following this link.

Future Kid Account or Kid Account is a deposit account of ACLEDA Bank enabling parents or guardiants to encourage their children and cultivate their children ideas, by opening bank account for them to manage cash safely and receive higher interest.

Future Kid Account will become a savings account automatically when he/she reaches the age of 18.


  • Security and transparency in managing cash.
  • Providing child an oppotunity to learn about the advantage of money savings and instruct them in the basic knowledge of payment through banking system.
  • Gain high interest.


  • Khmer Riel, US Dollar, and Thai Baht currencies are available for Future Kid Account.
  • You can buy life insurance which the sum assured from US$ 5,000 (if needed).
  • Having parents or guardian joint account and the child's name is defined as account name.
  • Each child can have only one account of this account type. You cannot open an account for many children.
  • Initial deposit and minimum account balance is not required.
  • Maximum account balance is infinite.

Cash Deposit/Withdrawal and Payment

Parent or guardiant can deposit into Future Kid Account as per amount of insurance premium payment or as affordable. Parent or guardiant also can withdraw cash or transfer to fixed deposit account or make payments as per demand.

Customer Qualification

  • Child
    • Child is under age of 18.
    • Certificate of birth or passport (with least 3 months validity) or any other identification document issued by the authority.
  • Parents or Guardians
    • Cambodian
      • Be adults age 18 and older.
      • Have an identification document such as Cambodian identify card, passport (with least 3 months validity) or any other identification document with photo and issued by the authority.
    • Foreigners
      • Be adults age 18 and older.
      • Have a passport which is valid for at least 3 months.
      • Have a residential document in Cambodia certified by local authority, certification of employment, employment contract, business agreement with a partner in Cambodia, or mission document.
      • Have a phone, fax, or email address.
      • Have a judgment of the court, in the case of guardians by mandate.

Note: Please contact ACLEDA Bank's nearest branch or our Call Center for our services requirements and more information.

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