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Trust Account for Real Estate 

Now you can open your new account via your PC or mobile phone by simply online with following this link.

Trust Account for Real Estate is a restrictive account margin of ACLEDA Bank that you can deposit your fund into this account in order to let ACLEDA Bank maintains and makes payment to beneficiary (seller) accordingly to the written instructions or the purpose of seller and buyer.


  • High secure and transparent to make payment through ACLEDA Bank
  • Reasonable fee
  • Cut down the risk of counterfeit documents etc.
  • Promote mutual trust between buyer and seller.

Special Features

  • A buyer deposits his/her funds in the Trust Account for Real Estate directly or permits ACLEDA Bank to debit from his/her account to Trust Account as the date of the agreement.
  • A buyer and a seller agree to let ACLEDA Bank maintains, administers and arranges his/her funds in the Trust Account for Real Estate for making payment to real estate seller according to the agreement.
  • A seller safely receives sufficient cash as in the agreement.
  • A buyer legally receives a certificate of real estate owner.


  • Visiting any ACLEDA Bank's branch to get detailed information about using Trust Account for Real Estate.
  • Opening an account (if you do not have an account with ACLEDA Bank) such as: Savings, Demand Deposit, or Current Account.
  • Filling forms:
  • A buyer is required to deposit his/her funds into the Trust Account for Real Estate by the date mentioned in the agreement.

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