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ACLEDA Unity ToanChet 

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Real bank in your hands.
Download ACLEDA Unity ToanChet from:


  • Be convenient, fast and highly secure in making banking transactions via ACLEDA Unity ToanChet.
  • Reduce cost and save time by not going to the Bank.
  • Be able to view account information and make fund transfer, payment, mobile top up or payment of goods and services via QR Code anytime and anywhere by using personal mobile.
  • Decrease risk of carrying physical cash along for making payment as well as risk of cash surplus, shortage, counterfeit, etc., while counting money.
  • Be able to view some information about ACLEDA Bank Plc. such as Locations, Exchange Rates, Promotion, FAQs, Security Tip, Help, News, etc.
  • Have an opportunity to use the other products and services of ACLEDA Bank Plc.
  • Get special offers from our partners.

How to use ACLEDA ToanChet version 4.0

Banking Services to be Operated 

warningBank account which already linked with ACLEDA Unity ToanChet cannot make ToanChet payment (QR payment) and top up.

Mobile Phone Type

Almost all kinds of smart phones running iOS or Android can be connected with ACLEDA Unity ToanChet service. For who receive transferred money via this service can use any kinds of mobile phone.


  • Two currencies which are Khmer Riel and US Dollar are available for ACLEDA Unity ToanChet service.
  • If there is any transaction made in another currency beside account's currency, that currency will be automatically converted to be the same as account's currency according to the exchange rate of ACLEDA Bank Plc.

Customer's Qualification for ACLEDA Unity ToanChet

  • Be adults age 18 and older.
  • Have a mobile phone running iOS or Android and phone number.
  • Have an identification document such as Cambodian identity card, family book, passport (which has at least 3 months of validity), or monk's identification document with photo.
  • Agree with and be responsible for all the terms and conditions of ACLEDA Unity ToanChet.

Registration for ACLEDA Unity ToanChet

How to register (account opening).
  • Self-Registration
    • You can register for ACLEDA Unity ToanChet by downloading and installing it from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).
    • After installing, open the application and then choose "Register".
    • Complete information in each step properly and clearly including your phone number and name, sex, date of birth, type of identification document, permanent address; and take a real selfie with holding an identity card.
  • Registration at ACLEDA Bank
    • If you cannot download and install ACLEDA Unity ToanChet application, please go to ACLEDA Bank.
    • Bringing a smart phone running Android or iOS and phone number.
    • Providing an identity card, family record book, passport (which has at least 3 months of validity), or monk's identification document with photo.
  • Registration for ACLEDA Unity ToanChet's Partner to collect fees of goods and service via QR Code.
    • Please go to ACLEDA Bank's branch.
    • Filling application form for ACLEDA Unity ToanChet's Partner.
    • Providing an identity card, passport, or any identification document attached by partner's photo.
    • Having a precise address in the operation area of ACLEDA Bank.

Cash Deposit/Withdrawal of ACLEDA ToanChet Account

Cardless Cash Withdrawal via ATM.
  • Cash Deposit at Bank Counter/ATM
    Please bring your smart phone and phone number connected ACLEDA Unity ToanChet to the Bank or Cash Recirculation ATM to deposit cash into ACLEDA ToanChet account.
  • Cash Withdrawal at Bank Counter/ATM
    You can withdraw cash from ACLEDA ToanChet account or withdraw cash transferred by phone number either at the ACLEDA Bank's office or ATM. Please provide:
    • Mobile phone number or ACLEDA ToanChet account number
    • Withdrawal amount
    • Gold code or ACLEDA ToanChet's PIN (gold code is used to withdraw cash transferred by mobile phone number and PIN is used to withdraw cash form ACLEDA ToanChet account.)
    • One Time Password (OTP) will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone to confirm the transaction.

Fees & Limitations

Description Fee per transaction Transaction per day Amount per transaction (x) Amount per day (x)
Register Free  
Monthly account maintenance 0.50 2,000  
Open fixed deposit account Free  
Fund transfer See the fees and limitations' table
Cardless cash deposit to TC Acc via CRM Free Unlimited x ≤ 5,000 NA Unlimited NA
Top Up Free Unlimited
Bill Payment Free *** Unlimited
Payment via My QR Code Free Unlimited x ≤ 1,000 x ≤ 4M Unlimited Unlimited
Open Fixed Deposit Account Free Available soon.
Cardless cash withdrawal via ATM
From TC Acc Free 5 x ≤ 1,000 x ≤ 4M x ≤ 5,000 x ≤ 20M
From Bank Account Free 5 x ≤ 1,000 x ≤ 4M x ≤ 5,000 x ≤ 20M
From Unregistered Phone Number Free 5 x ≤ 1,000 x ≤ 4M x ≤ 5,000 x ≤ 20M
QR Code Payment
Debit from TC Acc Free Unlimited x ≤ 5,000 x ≤ 20M Unlimited Unlimited
Debit from ACLEDA VISA/Mastercard Card Free Unlimited x ≤ 4,000 x ≤ 16M Unlimited Unlimited

- TC Acc: ACLEDA ToanChet's Account.
- M: Million.
- CRM: Cash Recirculation Machine.
- *** Fee charge can be applied for some bills and will be displayed on the transaction details.

warningFees and transactions in our website are quoted for indication purpose only and subject to variation. Please contact our nearest branch or our Call Center for our services requirements and more information.

Fees & Limitations at Counter

Per Transaction Fee Amount (x)
Transfer to mobile number Cash 1.00 4,000 x ≤ 900 x ≤ 3,600,000
Account 0.12% (min. 1.00) 0.12% (min. 4,000) x ≤ 900 x ≤ 3,600,000
Transfer to ToanChet's account Cash Free Free x ≤ 1,000 x ≤ 4,000,000
Account 0.12% (min. 1.00) 0.12% (min. 4,000) x ≤ 1,000 x ≤ 4,000,000
Deposit to ToanChet's own account Cash Free Free x ≤ 5,000 x ≤ 20,000,000
Account 0.12% (min. 1.00) 0.12% (min. 4,000) x ≤ 5,000 x ≤ 20,000,000
Deposit to trading account Cash Free Free Unlimited Unlimited
Account Free Free Unlimited Unlimited
Cash withdrawal from ACLEDA ToanChet's account or unregistered phone number See fee's table
Cash withdrawal or transfer from trading account
- Free for cash withdrawal or transfer to bank account at branch around Phnom Penh.
- 0.08% (min. USD1.00 or KHR4,000) for cash withdrawal or transfer to bank account at branch outside Phnom Penh.
Unlimited Unlimited
Bill payment 0.25 1,000 x < 250 x < 1,000,000
1.00 4,000 x ≥ 250 x ≥ 1,000,000
Mobile top up Cash Free Free Based on mobile operations
Account 0.12% (min. USD 1.00) 0.12% (min. KHR 4,000)
Request or print account statement - Free for two months requested
- Charge KHR8.000, USD2 or equivalent per month on the number of months requested more than two months

- Cash: Receive cash from customer.
- Account: Debit from customer's bank account.

warningFees and limitations in our website are quoted for indication purpose only and subject to variation. Please contact our nearest branch or our Call Center for our services requirements and more information.

Safe and Security Conditions

  • Do not record PIN on any object but memorize it for convenient use.
  • Do not let your PIN to be known or seen when using it; make sure that no one watches while entering this PIN.
  • Do not connect or download application/program from unknown sources.
  • Always check mobile phone. If any unknown application is found, immediately close and delete it in order to avoid virus or hacker, and/or take it to the phone service center.
  • Do not leave mobile phone unattended and unlocked.
  • Log off the ACLEDA Unity ToanChet application after completing transaction.
  • Change your PIN frequently.
  • If you enter the incorrect PIN 3 times, your ACLEDA Unity ToanChet will be locked.
    • In such case, you have to reset your PIN in "Settings" menu.
    • Select "Forget PIN".
    • Fill the requirement information accurately.
    • Then you will receive a new PIN.
  • You have to keep your registered phone at a safe place. If that phone is lost or damaged, please inform the Bank to block account or technically take action to prevent transaction fraud.
  • In the case you sell or give your phone to another person, please delete the ACLEDA Unity ToanChet application from it.

User Manual

Please click here to see the user manual of ACLEDA Unity ToanChet.

Note: For our services requirements and more information, please contact our nearest branch or our Call Center.

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ACLEDA Unity ToanChet
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