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Bill Payment via ATM

Now you can pay your bills through ACLEDA Bank's 665 ATMs. Bill Payment Service via ATM lets you pay your bills with your ACLEDA Debit Cards from ACLEDA Bank's ATMs at any province/city in Cambodia.

At the moment, ACLEDA Bank Plc. is serving Bill Payment via ATM with Electricityé du Cambodge (EDC) in Phnom Penh and Kandal province.


  • Convenient in paying your bills to distributors at anytime by ACLEDA Bank's ATM
  • Safety for cash management
  • Able to keep track of customer's bill payment in details with ease
  • Able to keep financial records confidential
  • Having opportunity to use various services with ACLEDA Bank

Special Features

  • An ACLEDA Card can be linked for the bill payment up to 6 Consumer Numbers.
  • A Consumer Number can merely link with one ACLEDA Card.
  • Pay your bills with currency on your bills. If currency on your bills and your account is different, we will automatically settle your account according to the exchange rate of ACLEDA Bank on the transaction day.
  • You must have sufficient balance in your account for your bill payment.
  • When paying your bills by ATM, you need the invoice(s) issued by supplier(s) to verify the Consumer Number and due amount.
  • Keep your receipt for at least 2 weeks for verification purpose, in case you need for future reference.

Fees Charge

The fee is only US$0.25 or equivalent to KHR per transaction and automatically deducted from your account.


  • You can pay your bills based on your actual bills at least two working days before the due date.
  • Please contact our nearest branch or our Call Center for our services requirements and more information.

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