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ACLEDA E-Commerce Payment Gateway 

A convenient solution for selling goods/services on the internet (online shopping).

ACLEDA E-Commerce Payment Gateway is used to offer a solution for companies/organizations (merchants) to sell their goods-services on the Internet (online shopping) and allows cardholders (credit/debit cards) make a purchase order and payment immediately through e-banking system.

ACLEDA E-Commerce Payment Gateway is offered to the companies/organizations which supply all types of goods-services and allowed their customers to make purchase orders and payments immediately, safely anytime and anywhere worldwide.

Company/Organization's Benefits

  • Gain a great reputation and be acknowledged by customers from all walks of life on the Internet and make payments via credit/debit cards.
  • Increase sales volume of goods or services.
  • Fast service and save your time on cash receiving.
  • Be equipped with the most secure system to avoid any fraud.
  • Be able to check reports and to control the payments immediately.
  • Provide company/institution's customers with convenience for purchasing order/or online payment without travelling to a shop and receive goods at their addresses.

Company/Organization's Qualifications

A company/organization would have the following qualifications for using ACLEDA E-Commerce Payment Gateway:

  • Have an account with ACLEDA Bank.
  • Have a website for selling goods or service.
  • Have a company/organization's name and logo.
  • Have pictures of the goods and features of the goods or services for selling to customers.
  • Give electronic receipt to customers.
  • Have procedure for delivery goods such as delivery time, delivery destination etc.

How to Register ACLEDA E-Commerce Payment Gateway

Please come to ACLEDA Bank's branch with required documents such as the identification of account owner, company's manager, shareholder or partner, the memorandum and articles of association, the certificate of registration etc.


The payment is made in US Dollar. If customer's credit/debit card is issued in other currencies, the system will automatically convert it bases on the international exchange rates of the card company.

Cardholders' Benefits

  • Be easy and secure buying many types of products online anytime.
  • Save time by instant paying online and receiving products delivery at your destination, so you don't need to go to the stores.
  • Be able to pay for goods-services via your card information without showing it to merchants.

Payment Acceptance

ACLEDA E-Commerce Payment Gateway has two types of payment acceptance below:

  • Card Acceptance: You can use any card below for making payments at our partners that using ACLEDA E-Commerce Payment Gateway.
  • Bank Account / ACLEDA ATM Card Acceptance: You can also use your ACLEDA Bank's account or ATM card for making payments at our partner that using ACLEDA E-Commerce Payment Gateway.
    • Log in to website or mobile application of our partner.
    • Input data and follow the steps.
    • Select payment method "ACLEDA".
    • Select payment via Bank Account or ACLEDA Card.
    • Input payment information as the following:
      • If you choose Bank Account for making payment, please input account number and OTP.
      • If you choose ACLEDA Card for making payment, please input card number and OTP.


  • One Time Password (OTP): It is a password generated from Hard/Soft Token or our system and send to your registered mobile number. OTP is used for only a transaction and will be expired within 60 seconds. It does not require to remember. This OTP is required to enter when making payments.
  • Hard/Soft Token: It is a tool or an application installed on your smart phone when registering and it is used to generate OTP.
  • Please contact our nearest branch or our Call Center for our services requirements and more information.

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