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ACLEDA MasterCard Credit Card

ACLEDA MasterCard Credit Card

ACLEDA MasterCard is a secure tool in payment via Internet/POS and cash withdrawal via ATM worldwide.

ACLEDA MasterCard Credit Card is a secure card which designed with an advanced technology recognized by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and provide security for customers using credit service can operate their banking services via ATM, POS terminal, or e-commerce (online payments) to make withdrawals or pay for goods/services up to the existing credit line or up to the credit limit set by ACLEDA Bank.

"ACLEDA MasterCard is added the most secure technology by requiring to enter One Time Password (OTP) [3] that is sent to your registered mobile phone number via SMS [4] (it also can be used with Soft Token [5] or Hard Token [6]) when making online payments (e-commerce)."


  • Making payments via POS terminals at any supermarkets, hotels, companies etc. in Cambodia or abroad where the MasterCard logo is displayed.
  • Pay for goods or services conveniently and the interest is not charged if you pay back to the Bank by the due date [1].
  • Making withdrawals quickly via all ATMs where the MasterCard logo is displayed throughout Cambodia and around the world anytime.
  • Conveniently pay for goods or services, booking air tickets or hotels rooms etc., over the internet.
  • Safety and convenience by not having to carry money.
  • Possibility of operating transactions anywhere worldwide with valuable consumer protections under the law.
  • Having an opportunity to use various ACLEDA Bank's services.

Special offers for MasterCard cardholders!


  • Letter printed on the card is embossed letter.
  • Having a 16 digits card number.
  • Having logos of ACLEDA Bank and MasterCard.
  • Having a consumer name in English.
  • Having a valid date.
  • Load with latest technology based on the EMV Chip in the front and magnetic stripe on its back to provide stronger security and any faking protection.


Currency type is available in US dollar. If you make withdrawal or payment via ACLEDA MasterCard Credit Card in other currency, the system will convert it automatically based on the MasterCard's exchange rates at the time of settlement.

Transaction Limit 

The transaction limit in the table below can be bigger depending on the card types (gold or platinum).

Description Transactions limit for one card per day
Maximum transactions via ATM, POS, E-Commerce 25 times
Maximum withdrawals through ACLEDA ATM in Cambodia and Laos [2] USD1,000
Maximum cash advance through ACLEDA POS USD1,000 at our branch
Maximum withdrawal through other bank's ATM both local and overseas USD1,000 or depends on other bank's policy
Maximum payments for purchasing goods through POS and on the Internet USD4,000
Fund transfers within ACLEDA Bank via ACLEDA ATM Max. USD1,000 per transaction
Bill payment via ACLEDA ATM Unlimited (based on the amount of bill)
The transaction limits in our website are quoted for indication purpose only and subject to variation. Please contact our nearest branch or our Call Center for our services requirements and more information.


  1. Not charge the interest (pay for goods/services) until the 28th day of each month if you pay back to the Bank by this due date. In contrast, interest rate on the balance will be charged from the payment date onwards.
  2. The currency in ACLEDA ATM in Laos is only available in Lao Kip. So the system will convert it automatically.
  3. One Time Password (OTP): It is a password used for only one transaction and will be expired within 60 seconds. It does not require to remember. This OTP is required to enter when making online payments with websites that have the sign "MasterCard SecureCode".
  4. SMS Token: OTP is generated and sent to your registered mobile phone number. So please contact the Bank to update your phone number if any change.
  5. Soft Token: It is an application installed on your smart phone when registering and it is used to generate OTP in your phone.
  6. Hard Token: It is a tool used to generate and display OTP.

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