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Financial Lease

Financial Lease is offered to corporate customers to own and use assets such as vehicle, machinery, or other equipment (except land or houses) for their daily business or personal activities in long-term financing periods without investing their own capital or using working capital.

You can purchase the identified asset and become its legal owner and pay monthly fees to the bank or pay at an agreed period of time including fee charges.


  • Get the requirement assets for your business operations without using your own financial resources or capital
  • Transform gross expend into paying back to the bank monthly
  • Increase your income and expand your business operations

Lease Period

The minimum of lease period is 12 months and the maximum is up to the useful life of the lease asset. The useful life of the asset is set by ACLEDA Bank.

Requirements Documents

  • Customers who have income from businesses:
    • Provide the last year of financial reports (if available)
    • Provide photos of your business operations
    • Have a Family Book, a Residence Book, an ID card or other valid documents
    • Provide legal documents such as a Patent, a Certificate of Business Registration, a Memorandum and Articles of Association, a Logo, a Certificate of Product Registration, etc.
  • Salaried customers:
    • Sustainable employment, monthly salaries are able to repay back regularly
    • Copies of salary documents for the last 3 months or certification from employer showing position or title held
    • Copy of employment contract
    • Copy of family book, Khmer ID card or other replaceable documents
    • Copies of utilities bill and other documents showing family expense for the last 3 months
    • In case of having rental properties, copy present rental contract or other rental contracts for at last one year (if any).

Other Conditions

  • Agree to provide documents that are required by ACLEDA Bank
  • Agree to maintain the lease assets during the agreement period
  • Do not allow to change the lease assets unless there is an approval from ACLEDA Bank
  • Be responsible for repairing or losing the assets
  • Do not sell, pawn or hire the assets without permission from ACLEDA Bank
  • Allow ACLEDA Bank to check the lease assets and business situation
  • Agree to pay for the asset on delivery, a vehicle plate, insurance, and a permission letter for using machinery or material
  • Accept to receive the asset at the end of the contract and agree to pay for the transfer fee

Note: Please contact our nearest branch, Corporate Division (Loan Services), or our Call Center for our services requirements and more information.

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