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International Funds Transfers via Western Union 

It is easy for you to use the Western Union Money Transfer service worldwide.


Western Union has offered its consumers money transfer for over 140 years. Each transfer can be tracked using a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), ensuring that your money is available to be paid out quickly to your receiver


Money is available for collection in just minutes(1) after it is sent. Western Union uses advanced technology and our worldwide computer network for immediate payout in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.


Senders and receivers can go to one of our Agent locations around the world to collect or send money. No bank account is needed. Many agent locations offer convenient hours of service throughout the week.

To Send Money

  1. Go to the nearest ACLEDA Bank's office serving Western Union.
  2. Fill out the "To Send Money" Form. Give the completed form to operator along with the money you wish to send, the sending costs and your identification document.
  3. The operator will give you a receipt together with Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
  4. Call your receiver and provide them with the transaction details including full details of sender name, amount being sent, sending country, and 10-digit MTCN. Do not disclose the transaction details to anyone other than your named receiver.

To Receive Money

  1. Go to the nearest ACLEDA Bank's office serving Western Union.
  2. Fill out the "To Receive Money" Form with full details of sender name, amount expected, sending country, and Money Transfer Control Number.
  3. Present the form and valid photo identification to Agent operator.
  4. Sign receipt and receive money.

Gift Table 

We offer you a gift for using Western Union Money Transfer via ACLEDA Bank Plc.

Gift type Total amount in US$
(one or many transactions)
Number of gift
Umbrella or Hat Up to US$499 1
T-shirt From US$500 to 1,999 1
Jacket From 2,000 1

Gifts are offered till stock last and we reserve the right to change this program without prior notice. Please contact our nearest branch or Call Center for our services requirements and more information.

For more information, please contact Western Union Agent in Cambodia. As an authorized agent of Western Union, ACLEDA Bank provides the fastest and most reliable service for everyone to send and receive money worldwide. You may contact us at ACLEDA Bank's nearest office serving Western Union.


  • (1) Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on certain transaction conditions, including amount sent, destination country, currency availability, regulatory and foreign exchange issues, required receiver action(s), identification requirements, Service Provider location hours, differences in time zones, or selection of delayed options. Additional Restrictions may apply. See Send form for details.
  • This service serving you every working day, Monday to Friday, and Saturday morning (from 7:30 am to 11:30 am).

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