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  • Now our customers who use Mobile App of Viettel Cambodia Pte., Ltd (eMoney) or SEATEL Financial Services Plc. can transfer funds between their accounts with that company and accounts with ACLEDA Bank Plc.
  • ACLEDA Gold Card and ACLEDA VISA/MasterCard/JCB Card (Gold/VIP) Cardholders can access Priority Counter without queuing.
  • ACLEDA Unity is replaced by ACLEDA Unity ToanChet. You can download ACLEDA Unity ToanChet from App Store (iOS/iPhone) or Play Store (Android). The old ACLEDA Unity will be expired on December 31, 2018
  • Please kindly bring your original Identity Card or other valid documents for sending or receiving money at ACLEDA Bank counter.
  • ACLEDA ToanChet: More convenient to top up with PINLESS for Cellcard and Smart.
  • Cash withdrawal from ACLEDA ToanChet Account, bank account linked with ACLEDA ToanChet, or unregistered mobile number via ACLEDA ATM without card throughout Cambodia.
  • Cash deposit to ACLEDA ToanChet Account via Cash Recirculation ATM without card.
  • Transfer funds between bank account up to US$125,000 per day via ACLEDA Unity ToanChet with free of charge.
  • ACLEDA Bank's customers can conveniently repay all types of loan via ACLEDA Unity ToanChet.
ACLEDA Unity will be expired on December 31, 2018 and replaced by ACLEDA ToanChet.

If you want to deregister ACLEDA Unity within the period, please kindly contact ACLEDA Bank's branch or complete the deregister form by signing or thumbprint according to the terms of account opening, then scan and e-mail this form to or branch manager.

Note: Please specify in the e-mail your personal information (name, account number, purpose and phone number connected with ACLEDA Toanchet [if any]).

You can conveniently download ACLEDA ToanChet from App Store (iOS/iPhone) or Play Store (Android) to enhance your daily banking operations.

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Products & Services Updates


September 18, 2018

ACLEDA JCB Card is a secure tool in payment via Internet/POS and cash withdrawal via ATM worldwide.

Electricity Bill Payment via ACLEDA Unity ToanChet

September 13, 2018

Now you can pay your electricity bills of Krong Svay Rieng, Krong Bavet, Chi Phou, Kampong Rou, Tboung Khmum Province, and Chom Krovien via ACLEDA Unity ToanChet and ACLEDA Internet Bank anywhere and anytime conveniently.

Payment of City Bus Transport Fee from ACLEDA Unity ToanChet

September 11, 2018

From September 15, 2018 onwards, you can pay transport fee for public city bus and ferry from ACLEDA Unity ToanChet conveniently. How to pay...

Bill Payment via ACLEDA Unity ToanChet

September 11, 2018

Now you can pay your bills of ACLEDA Institute of Business via ACLEDA Unity ToanChet and ACLEDA Internet Bank anywhere and anytime conveniently.

ACLEDA Unity ToanChet can link with bank account

Febuary 27, 2018

Now you can link ACLEDA Unity ToanChet with your bank accounts and can make funds transfer from ToanChet account to bank account, from bank account to ToanChet account, and from bank account to bank account etc. Please see how to link bank account in ACLEDA Unity ToanChet below:

  • Choose button ☰ (available after login)
  • Select "Link or Delink Bank Account"
  • Enter your bank account number and date of birth (bank account in KHR and/or USD and it is an individual account or joint account* which is Current Account, Savings Account, Demand Account, or Payroll Account can be linked with ACLEDA Unity ToanChet)
  • Choose button ✓
  • Enter OTP that will be sent to your mobile phone number which you have registered with the Bank
  • Choose button ✓ (mobile phone number registered for ACLEDA Unity ToanChet and used with bank account is the same number)
  • You can link other accounts in the same CIF
  • Choose button ✓
Joint account must have condition of "anyone of them may sign" and fingerprint enrollment.
Bank account which already linked with ACLEDA Unity ToanChet cannot make ToanChet payment (QR payment) and top up.
Tax Payment via ACLEDA E-Commerce

January 22, 2018

Now you can pay general taxes (excluding tax on means of transportation) to the General Department of Taxation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance through ACLEDA E-Commerce Payment Gateway. ACLEDA Bank charges KHR4,000 per transaction, automatically deducted from your bank account. The payment is made in Khmer Riel, in case the customer's account in another currency beside Khmer Riel, it will be automatically converted to Khmer Riel according to the exchange rate of ACLEDA Bank.

Bill Payment via ACLEDA Unity, ACLEDA Unity ToanChet, and ACLEDA Internet Bank

November 22, 2017

Now you can pay your internet provider bills (Telcotech) via ACLEDA Unity, ACLEDA Unity ToanChet, and ACLEDA Internet Bank anywhere and anytime conveniently.

Future Kid Account

July 17, 2017

Future Kid Account or Kid Account is a deposit account of ACLEDA Bank enabling parents or guardiant to encourage their children and cultivate their children ideas, by opening bank account for them to manage cash safely and receive higher interest.

Funds Transfer from Kookmin Bank in the Republic of Korea

July 3, 2017

Now you can use mobile app/web of Kookmin Bank in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) to transfer money to your beneficiary who has bank account in ACLEDA Bank in Cambodia. ACLEDA Bank charges US$ 6 per transaction from the beneficiary.

Most Secure for Online Payments via ACLEDA MasterCard

June 5, 2017

ACLEDA MasterCard is added the most secure technology by requiring to enter One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number via SMS when making online payments with websites that have sign "MasterCard SecureCode". Please contact us to update your phone number if any change.

ACLEDA Unity ToanChet

April 25, 2017

ACLEDA Unity ToanChet is a FinTech Application running on Smart Phone, enabling customers to do banking transactions from anywhere, anytime.

Reset Dormant Account via ACLEDA ATM for Free 

June 20, 2016

Now you can use your ACLEDA Debit Cards (ACLEDA ATM Card, ACLEDA VISA Debit Card, and ACLEDA MasterCard Debit Card) and Consumer Card to reset your dormant accounts via ACLEDA ATM for free of charge. How to reset your dormant account via ACLEDA ATM:

  1. Insert your card in ATM
  2. Select language ("Khmer and English" or "Khmer and Chinese")
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Select "Other Services"
  5. Select "Reset Dormant Account"
  6. Select an account number to re-activate
  7. Select "Yes"
  8. Finally, you will receive a successful message in the ATM screen.
Bulk/Package Payment Service

June 20, 2016

Bulk/Package Payment Service allows you to transfer your funds to many accounts/beneficiaries at the same time through ACLEDA Bank's branches.

Payment for public services fees of the Ministry of Commerce at ACLEDA Bank's counter

February 12, 2016

Now you can pay for public services fees of the Ministry of Commerce (Business Registration fee and Certificate of Origin fee) at ACLEDA Bank's counters. ACLEDA Bank charges USD1.00 or KHR4,000 per transaction. Moreover, you can also pay these public services fees via ACLEDA E-Commerce Payment Gateway on the website of the Ministry of Commerce.

Payment for the U.S. Nonimmigrant Visa at ACLEDA Bank Plc.

U.S. Nonimmigrant Visa (NIV) applicants can pay the visa application fee in cash at any branch of ACLEDA Bank. Please click here to find ACLEDA Bank's branches and for more information of visa fee, please click the links below:
» Visa fee
» Exchange rate

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